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TachoSafe WEB

TachoSafe WEB is the ultimate digital tachograph data management solution for companies looking to streamline their operations and stay compliant with the latest regulations. This innovative web application provides full-scale access to tachograph download systems, allowing you to easily download, store and analyze your drivers’ tachograph data, generate reports, all within a single place at TachoSafe Web.

TachoSafe WEB is a comprehensive online platform designed to manage all your digital tachograph and driver card related requirements and duties. You can automate downloads with RDU devices, or use our range of manual download devices such as Tacho2Safe, Tacho4Safe, and Tacho5Safe All your data will be stored in one secure location, accessible from any internet-connected device. This platform is ideal for fleet owners, transport managers, drivers, and digital tachograph download solution providers.

TachoSafe Web provides clear and easy-to-understand data analyses, allowing you to stay on top of your operations and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. The application ensures the secure storage of all your data, giving you peace of mind that your information is always safe and easily accessible.

Our fast and solution-focused support team is always on hand to help you resolve any issues you may encounter, ensuring that your experience with TachoSafe Web is as smooth as possible.

TachoSafe Web is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and stay compliant with the latest regulations. With its comprehensive range of features, user-friendly interface, and top-notch support, TachoSafe Web is the ideal choice for any company that wants to take their digital tachograph management to the next level.


  • manage your daily tachograph and driver card related tasks
  • infringement detection 
  • attestation of activities for times spent outside of the vehicle
  • work hours by countries
  • daily charts and tables for a quick glance to your data
  • driver and vehicle management

Driver activities are analyzed and compared against the following EU regulations


Driver Management
In TachoSafe WEB application you can manage driver card downloads, edit your driver data, receive automatic download or card expiration alerts.

Vehicle Management
You can also check vehicle information, including registration details, technical data, and tachograph details and you will also be notified about due tachograph downloads.

Tachograph Data Analysis
TachoSAFE WEB offers deep insight into your data analyzing your drivers infringements, calculating ERRU reputation score and also reporting working times and working times spent in individual countries, helping with the calculation of driver revenues based on geographical data.

Tachograph Card Management
TachoSafe manages card downloads, vehicle downloads, keeping track all of your data while offering high security, high availability and also taking care of your privacy.

Working Time Directive (WTD) Analysis
TachoSafe also analises your downloaded data based on European Working Time Directives providing insight into inringements based on WTD rules.

TachoSafe provides a variety of reports, including driver activity reports in graphical and table format, vehicle utilization reports, global and country grouped working time reports.


Overall, TachoSafe is a comprehensive tool for managing tachograph data, ensuring compliance with regulations, and improving the efficiency of your transport operations while also offering a broad spectrum of devices making your tachograph download as seamless as possible.