TachoSafe Lite

TachoSafe Lite is a free of charge application for driver’s hours analysis which comes together with Tacho2Safe. It provides several reports including analysis according to 561/2006 infringement report, driver’s detailed activity report, driver’s activity graph.

Extremely simple and easy to use. Takes very little time to learn, thanks to it’s ergonomic design. Without complicated or redundant menus, you can get the reports you want on your screen or your printer with only a few clicks. TachoSafe Lite is an application covering the needs of a small or mid size transportation company. It is used for management of tachograph download files providing reports.

Application features:
  • automatic data import from the download key Tacho2Safe, every time you connect it to the USB port
  • ability to import and analyse data from older downloads, or downloads obtained by other means (ie. through GPRS Fleet management systems)
  • all imported data fully accessible and all reports are printable even if the download key is removed from the computer
  • download time warnings
  • infringements
  • activities graph
  • driver work hours report
  • driver activity diagram
  • driver activity details report
  • download driver-card with external card reader
  • file import from different types of download devices
  • AETR, 561/2006 Infringement analysis